Zia Hassan

Its Always Critical To Be Yourself

+++ title = “03” date = 2020 +++

Consider that we all come prepackaged with a unique set of DNA. The instructions that tell us who we are (some might call nature) varies from person to person. And so does our personal experiences (what some might call nurture).

Knowing these two facts, it’s _crucial _that we all continue to be ourselves. We must allow our unique values and beliefs to inform our choices (and if you don’t know your values or beliefs, no better time to start thinking about them). 

The more we all do this, the more perspectives we have available (and if you’ve written your ideas down or transmitted them to younger generations verbally, yours can be available even after you’re dead). The more perspectives we have, the more realized society becomes. 

Learn to know when you’ve made a mistake and offended your own values. But say no to changing who you are just because another person disapproves.