Zia Hassan

I Write You Write

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I thought in the last couple of days about giving up writing this blog. It’s an amazing creative exercise, to wake up every day and write about a different topic that I find interesting or fascinating. Very few people read it, though occasionally someone will want to chat about a topic I’ve written about, which is always rewarding.

That said, in this time of very little time, I felt that it made sense to stop writing for a bit. It would give some time back into the schedule that I’m currently dividing between my job and my child. I could return to the blog when things quieted down again. But then, I decided against it.

Perhaps it would save time, but I think it’s important to keep writing especially in hard times like the ones we’re going through now.

Because when I day, whether that’s sooner or later, my words and thoughts could continue to have an impact, even when I’m gone. And I’ve said before this is the closest thing to immortality that I know of.

And if you are inspired by something you read here, or anywhere, I encourage you to write or speak or whatever it is you do to express yourself. The world needs it, and it will inspire more people to create things that are important to them.

That’s something we need right now, more than anything.