The Very Best of 2022 (according to me)

I’ve got a confession: I love end-of-year best-of collections. It reminds me that we shape our tastes, influences, and outputs slowly and cumulatively. Here are some of mine! In the coming weeks,

Just Be Weird

I’ve had trouble with conforming to society’s expectations for my entire life. When everyone in art class drew a picture in elementary school, I wrote a poem (in a cool font,

Why January is the Worst

January is the worst month. It’s a slog. It’s unreasonably cold (relative to your usual weather). It’s long (31 days). There’s only one holiday (after a couple of months

How to Eat Better

The secret to eating better was lost on me for years. I tried diet plans, reducing calories, time-restricted eating, the works. What eventually worked for me was learning to cook intuitively. I started