Zia Hassan

Emotions And Viruses

It’s interesting to me to watch people during this pandemic. Everyone’s coping methods are on full display whether they want them to be or not.

One of those coping methods is one that I’ve witnessed for quite a while, which is giving advice on social media. Advice that doesn’t apply to everyone, even though the person posting wouldn’t believe that.

There’s a lot of re-sharing on social media. And it’s nothing new. I read an emotionally charge piece (which is almost all pieces) and then click re-share so that other people _feel what I’m feeling – right now. _

It’s a coping strategy that works a bit like a virus itself. I share an emotion (through a charged news story) with my 2,000 friends. Some of them go and share it with their 2,000 friends… and so on.

And pretty soon we’re all panicking and no one is sure where it all started.