Zia Hassan

Longform Vs Shortform Posts

I feel like a capped fountain if I’m not writing daily. Another reason I write is because it’s a great way to ponder the mysteries of life. Writing and publishing can cause all sorts of healing. It’s thrilling when someone is affected by what you write, even if it’s just one person.

But I mean this specifically with writing long form articles/posts on a blog (not a social media site). On a social media site like Facebook, everyone is watching and so it makes sense to write knowing that hundreds of people might immediately be exposed to your work.

But on a blog like this one, there’s a smaller audience. Some of my posts get 1-2 reads and I love that. It means that I can write from the heart and not worry about editing it to suit the tastes of dozens of my random friends and acquaintances.

It definitely beats Twitter, or short-form posting. I’ve realized in the last few years that the character limit, for certain issues, really becomes a barrier to conversation. Tweets are just as their name suggests – quick, sharp, high-pitched, many-at-once, and meaningless. At least to humans. To birds, tweeting isn’t called tweeting.

Sometimes with shorter form content, it’s like pouring a tiny drop onto the sidewalk on a hot summer day. With long form content, we pour water into a container big enough to express our thoughts.