Zia Hassan

If You Are Ready To Go Home

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A common message that we heard from our parents and teachers growing up is never give up.

But in the movie Moana, this conventional wisdom is reversed in a subtle moment toward the end of the film. There’s a scene in Moana where she feels like giving up and she confronts the spirit of her grandmother to seek advice. Normally in these situations, especially in kids movies, the wise old sage will tell the warrior not to give up. But Moana’s grandmother doesn’t do this; instead, she says “If you are ready to go home, I will be with you.”

Maybe our parents believe they owe their success to never giving up, but let’s be honest with ourselves: everyone feels like giving up sometimes. And everyone has given up on various projects or activities.

Perhaps we didn’t connect to our original goal anymore, like an aspiring musician who realized that they were tired of chasing the dream, or perhaps they’ve grown up, like a kid who wants to be a veterinarian until they discover the joy of programming.

Giving up is important and necessary. The question is: if you know someone who is giving up, will you empower them by standing by their decision?