Zia Hassan

Im Not Crying Youre Crying

I’m fascinated by popular phrases, especially ones that reveal interesting qualities about humanity.

In this case, the phrase “I’m not crying, you’re crying!” Is posted on videos that are heartwarming and touching, as a way for the person to get off the hook for feeling anything. The phrase detracts and devalues from the content that is truly heartwarming. It also devalues wonder, sadness, or whatever emotion caused the tears in the first place.

I know that sounds harsh. And I know people that post this common phrase aren’t emotionally stunted or anything like that. But I think the fact that a phrase like this becomes popular to begin with speaks volumes about how unwilling we are to just admit to feeling.

I say: let every song, movie, story, and place in the world move us to tears, and let’s be completely honest about it.