Zia Hassan

All Im Saying

It’s been a fantastic day.

I woke up at like 11 and hung around in my house till 2. I picked Christine up and we went to eat at subway, and then went to White Flint, cuz she had a Borders gift certificate. She was in between a journal, Dante’s Inferno, and some other stuff, and ended up just buying a book that is all about trashy movies 🙂 The guy at the register gave her 10% off. I thought it was neat.

We rented the Breakfast Club, mainly because she had never seen it, and I really wanted to see it again, without the TV edits. She enjoyed it, so I was happy.

But the best thing ever – even though I missed the Vaco show last night, I still got the new CD courtesy of Sami, and it’s absolutely amazing. It makes me feel so much better about life right now… and I really needed that. Wish I had seen the show – but this is a great way of making up for that.

And I just had a half hour talk with Utkarsh online.. he’s leaving India tommorow. He met Kal Penn, the guy from American Desi who played the ghetto guy, on a train in India. I think that’s the coolest thing EVER. Apparnetly he’s not ghetto in real life. Damn actors and their ability to convince me that they’re the same person in real life. Apparently he’s in Van Wilder too. Fuckin cool.

This VaCo cd is making me feel great.

Well I have to practice for Mr. Wootton tommorow at Jeff’s house. It’s gonna rock, roll, and do all that. But I’ll probably be late… too tired to get up at 10:30. Please let the practice go well!

Well now I’m gonna get offline and talk to Laura on the phone for a bit, probably fall asleep with my headset on and wake up with a swollen ear. Vaco Rules. SERIOUSLY. Ok, that’s all I gotta say.

Apparently in space there are these things called Black Holes. And apparently the connection between two black holes is a worm hole. And if you go inside a wormhole, you’ll travel into the future. But of course if you go inside a black hole, you die. So, I guess time travel will never really be proven now will it. However, if we found some way to get a wormhole on earth and maintain that worm hole… speed it up to the speed of light, then get another wormhole and speed it up faster, to the destination we wanted to go to, we could techincally create a time machine. I really really want to try that. I want that to be my senior project or something. But, the cool thing is that, we can get to anywhere in the universe within 4 years, if we were to travel at the speed of light. Like if we wanted to travel to the planet Zardoff, we’d spend 1 year accelerating to the speed of light, and then another year decellerating. We’d end up at the planet, come right home using the same process. Except while we would be 4 years older, earth would be 4.4 million years older. No one would even REMEMBER us, and unless we left some sort of system, some sort of group of people who’d be waiting for our arrival… we’d get so fucked. It’d be like a buncha crazy people who are “waiting for God,” or something. 4.4 million years though. That is SO long, we could all be dead by then! I’m really getting into this time travel stuff. I’ll post updates when I learn new stuff. God my cell phone is loud when it is telling me it’s out of batteries.

Today. I woke up at 11, and realized I was supposed to be at PJ’s to practice for Mr. Wootton. We’re doing a cover of Tenacious D song called Wonderboy. Sounded DAMN good today. We finished up around 1 and went to get some food. My ATM card didn’t process, so I had to borrow money from Aaron, and I have to pay him back tommorow. Let’s see, then what. I went home and my aunt and uncle were here for a bit. They’re really cool but I never seem to have anything interesting to say to them… so our relationship remains simply at a nephew-uncle/aunt relationsip. Then I hung around for a bit and Christine came over to watch Simpsons. Funny thing though, they started playing a rerun and then realized it was a rerun and skipped into the new one. So we didn’t get to see the first 10 mins or so. Then Christine had tons of homework to do, so she went home. And THEN my dad told me I have to take my sister to school tommorow 15 mins early. But it ain’t happening. Christine’s line was busy so I couldn’t get through to tell her. It just isn’t fair to do that to her. That, and I REALLY don’t want to wake up that early.

I hope my sister does well on her project, she worked REALLY hard on it.

I think that’s all I gotta say for now. Just did all my hw. Now I’m gonna read more about time travel.

Do you just pretend?