Zia Hassan

Koss Headphones

+++ title = “01” date = 2003 +++

I wanted those headphones that they had in store, the Koss Td-80’s. The sound is phenomenal on those baby’s. I went out and bought them and they sucked. So uncomfortable. So I traded them in for the newer model. I wear them now but I just put on my old sony’s. What a warm sound. Sure it’s a little muddy sometimes… but it’s so comfortable. You really forget that they are on your head. I need create a headphone one day that does what the TD-80 does, with the comfort of the Sony’s. You think that the Koss people would take that into account when they are making their phones! But no.

Anyway. Today was a typical Monday. I woke in an OK mood cuz I had done most of my homework. My sister had a science project to attend to, so I ended up just driving myself and Christine to school. It was nice for her to be in the front for a change.

Once again in math I didn’t have my HW but I don’t think she marked off for it. I made some cute little remark about how I didn’t really know what I was doing and just wrote something, and she just laughed. It’s gonna be nice not to have that class next semester. I just need to do well on the freaking exam. As long as I get good semester grades, I’m pretty much set for the rest of the year.

Nothing special happened in school today. I read my Football story for my creative writing class and they seemed to dig it… I felt good. First time in that class where I think I read something that I was proud of.

Then I came home directly after school, for some reason feeling like total shit. Slept for 3 hours. Woke up and Christine was online… suddenly remembered where I was and felt a lot better. Talked to Grant too. I swear that Grant’s some sorta gift or something, he’s the perfect friend. The guy who always sticks up for you even when he knows you’re wrong. And he’s one of the very few people I know that like Toad. But then again, I introduced him to Toad in Egypt. I guess that’s why we like music we heard in Egypt so much. All of my favorite records were bought while I was in Egypt… or at least over that period of time. Duncan Sheik, Dog’s Eye View, 3 Toad records. All my favorites.

Read some more about time travel! Still can’t figure out if scientists generally think it’s possible or not. Some say physics won’t allow it, some say it will. I went down to the bookshelf down stairs and took out a few books that I think could help me figure out more about time travel. Some Madeleine L’Engle… just because she is a KILLER storyteller. And she has a concept of what time travel is and how it works. And I like the way she describes it. Some of those preteen books are REALLY gripping, and I’m not even kidding. I found HG Wells’ The Time Machine. See what his take is on it. Then some book called I Ching… apparently has some wisdom. I’m willing to try it. An Asimov book of short stories, I figured it might be interesting. A book of Shakespeare’s early comedies, just cuz the guy rules. He really does. And the tibetan book of the dead, my dad’s recommendation.

Joe Millionaire was on tonight. Heidi was eliminated! Go Joe! I dig this guy. Still think he shoulda kept Dana though.

My parents are leaning more and more towards me staying at home next year. And I don’t want to, but I’m starting to think that I really have no choice unless things change financially. It’s my choice – I picked an expensive school. Granted it’s the only one of the few that has my major………… but I still wish there was a cheaper school. I shoulda applied to the regular program….

Toad rules. Two more months! What’s on a agenda for tommorow. Maybe a little trip to the library, maybe see Utkarsh if he’s home. Homework has become a thing of the past to me.

Love: like an infant trying to stand up.