Zia Hassan


It’s Saturday morning and I feel so much better. Everything that was bugging me yesterday stopped bugging me. I just sorta took a look around and realized where I was and I was happy.

Chris, Christine, and I played Literati last night online… I didn’t know you could use wild cards! I thought they were just unusable… so I was like 20 points behind the whole game. But if I hadn’t been I woulda whooped some ass. Chris won the game, and it was really close to. The last move was up to him and he had 149 and Christine had 154… and he jumped ahead to 160 and used all his letters. It was QUITE the game. I felt like a spectator…I basically gave up in the middle of the game.
PJ and Chris and I all hung out last night. We went to Starbucks and also to Taco Bell (where of course we saw the wootteners that are always at Taco Bell) and then we just chilled for a little bit. It was exactly the type of evening I was looking for.

We met some cops at Taco Bell and PJ asked them what they could charge him with if he took a shit on someone’s lawn. The cop kinda glared at him… and said that the only thing they could get him for would be indecent exposure. But man, it was funny. So I guess that means PJ will be shitting on people’s lawns more from now on. So you betta watch out!

Then I stayed on the phone with Christine till like 2 in the morning…. and that’s always the best. And I went to sleep happy, listening to … what the fuck was I listening to?? It wasn’t MBV… it was… wait maybe it was MBV. I’m checking. NAW, it was Pat Metheny & Charlie Haden. I knew it was something acoustic.

Well today’s gonna be a great day. I can already feel it 🙂

I’ll write again tonight so that this day is accounted for.