Zia Hassan


I swear that I’m bi polar. It just happens, I’ll be in the best mood and all of a sudden it gets deflated. I start listening to depressing music, writing really depressing songs, and … writing in my live journal 🙂

Everyone should buy the new Wilco album. It’s just so perfectly raw. The music is just beautiful and jeff tweedy’s lyrics are perfect.

Back to me sinking. I dunno, I was so high… so high up. And then about 20 mins ago, boom, back down to the ground. I haven’t been here for a while, it’s disgusting. honestly, no events triggered it, it was like I’m here and then I’m there.

People that can tell each other anything. That’s probably bullshit cuz I just don’t see how you could come out with your feelings to someone. especially if they’re as twisted up as mine are. I guess I feel as if writing about it is gonna make it feel better, and it will. Posting it publicly shows that i don’t really mind if people read it. In fact, I hope people read it. The question is, are they caring about it or not? I feel as if i’m the only one who care about it. Removing the comment feature is a good idea.

My life right now IS this wilco album. Like, just the way that it feels. Slow, moody, and in anticipation. Of what? Summer, I think it’s most definetely summer. I want summer to come so quickly. And because of that it won’t come quickly at all. What exams do i have to do well in. Let’s see. Calc I can fuck up all I want as long as I pass 4th quarter. English i’ve got a B, I’ll be fine. Chem I’ve got a C, i’ll be fine. Ap world…. it all depends on 4th quarter. I gotta get a B. if I get a B, life will be good.
Hey if you’re readin this, anyone, talk to me. I wanna know how you are, if in return you truly wanna know how I am. If we can both vibe and feel each other then I think things’ll be alright.

There is something wrong with me.