Zia Hassan

John Mayer Shannanigans

Zia: lemme know if you’re interested in going with me
Billy: ill get back to you
Zia: ok you get back to me like john mayer
Billy: ill let you know when im comfertable
Zia: dude cmon it’s df
Zia: *dc
Zia: don’t you have a city love
Zia: do I have to tell you 83 times
Billy: 83 times? dont mess with forever
Billy: hello? i dont have til st patricks day here?
Zia: you are being not yourself today
Billy: i know i kinda feel like a man on the side
Zia: i’m just kidding, you fell for it
Zia: sucker
Billy: damn my stupid mouth
Zia: yesterday I hit my knee on the sofa
Zia: (did you pick that one up???)
Billy: no
Zia: knee on
Billy: haha
Billy: i think with that we should just be quiet
Zia: oo damn, ok you win
Zia: that was good
Zia: that was very good

el fin.