Zia Hassan

Mothers Day

Wow. It amazes me how crazy everybody is. People give people credit for the craziest shit sometimes. Individualism baby, that’s what I’m talkin about.

I keep forgetting to get rid of the comment feature on my entries. And then when I get all these posts about shit, I can’t help but read em. I’m always nervous some insecure asshole’s gonna type shit to me cuz they dont like me or something. And then I’m gonna be thinkin about it forever.

I’m so mad… I got my nyc pictures back, I took too many of the same thing. Like 4 of the workshop, and they didn’t even turn out well, just cuz of the lighting. and fuckin 20 bucks. WHAT THE HELL!

The howie/matt show was SO awesome. Howie should change his beats sometimes, make em a little faster. Every beat he does is the same. Matt Nathanson on the other hand… WHAT AN AWESOME GUY. I really hope he makes it. REALLY. Howie’s on the path already, signed to Epic, but matt’s still stuck on Acrobatic… maybe he likes the freedom.

I’m listening to Carbon Leaf’s latest right now. They’re a fuckin awesome band with a lotta celtic influences. They do a cover of Mary Mac, it’s awesome. And Dave Matthews’ keyboardist plays on a few of their tracks.

What’s there to say? I’m havin fun right now. Enjoying life cuz the show is over, and I passed my algebra test, I’m finally gonna do a pass/fail in calculus. My math teacher is really cool. In class she’s normal, outta class she’s a really nice woman though. Good thing

AHHHH summer is soooo close. I can’t wait, these next few weeks are gonna pass by like *snap*.

My mom just walked in and told me that I’m very forgiving and easy going and she likes that about me. I like that too! hah. SHe said “life’s too short to hold grudges against people.” and I thought that was cool… since my mom usually doesn’t follow that.

Well, happy mo’s day.