Zia Hassan


+++ title = “03” date = 2002 +++

Well I suppose a journal is supposed to be one of those Dear Me, Truly Yours sorts thangs. Ya know, stuff that doesn’t involve other people. Somehow I can’t bring myself to get very personal. I mean I get personal, but not to the point at whcih I am saying names and people and stuff and junk and that sort of etc. etc.

So let me break the pace here and do a Dear You, Truly Yours sorta thang. The people that leave comments. Some of you guys are really truly nice and make me feel really good sometimes. I always forget to remove the comment feature. I usually get scared that someone will post something like “Get over yourself mofo.” Well if they ever do, FUCK YOU! Don’t read my journal! Oh one more thing, please please please, don’t leave comments anonymously. I love to know who’s saying what. Honestly it makes me feel better. You guys think your being all slick, but really your just causing my brain to hurt trying to figure out who is saying what.

Back to the Dear Me thing.

My birthday had a flaw, we could say. To make a short story even shorter and more scrambled, there is no snow coming our way, never will be snow coming our way, in fact as far as we are concerned it is going to be July for the rest of our fucking lives. thank you weatherman, for real. you don’t know the doors you’ve opened. Really! However – it is snowing in Zimbabwe, hardcore.

Am I angry about not getting the long awaited snow? Oh please, let’s not put me there, shall we. that’s all mother nature’s doing, and gosh I don’t tell her what the fuck to do, ya know? she don’t tell me what to do, and I don’t give her orders either. besides I kinda like the sunshine. But you know, there’s something about that snow that makes a year complete. If I lived in Florida, I don’t know what I would do.

I should’ve known, after all, the groundhog didn’t see his shadow now did he? does the groundhog ever see his shadow? is the groundhog a white supremist? when they test out to see if he is seeing his shadow, do they put him in a shadowy area, and consider those shadows to be a shadow? Or since there would be no actual shadow from the groundhog himself (itself?) do they just assume there is no shadow. They should use a tortoise instead. I hear those are easy to take care of, and you can keep multiple tortoises on a roof of a large building.

Update on the calc shit. I have to take a geometry final, and then I’ll be off the hook, I can pass/fail calc. (they gave me a 30 page review packet) For those of you who don’t know what that means, it basically means if I pass the course, I get credit, but it doesn’t get mixed into my gpa, and the colleges never see what grade i got, just that I passed. Great system eh. Oh, and a great thing happened today. Interims came and I have a B in technology. This is disgusting. I consider myself to be pretty technological. I can write in HTML, and I can solve the so called “viruses” that people think are in their computers. But I can’t get a car to run down the hall. DEEEZgusting. Can’t stand it.

Can’t wait to get my microphone back, so many new ideas, so many corrections on old shit. New recording of shannon is coming up. What a crappy crappy crappy song.

One last thing. On the Geometry review packet, there is a section completely dedicated to quadrilaterals. Could throw up?

It’s not that I don’t like the fact that MY quadrilateral is made out of vectors instead of regular lines. It’s the fact that line AB exists. BC exists. CD even exists. DA? nope. Point A is a lonely place to be. Makes you go nuts thinking about it, and it is worse than geometry. Now, if the dervitate of Point A is equal to the rate at which the blood is drained from Point A’s heart, what is dX/dY ( the rate at which tears fall onto an off white pillow)? And what is the temperature of the tears, in Celsius degrees. How many moles does each tear contain, and what would each tear’s electron dot diagram look like. Ionic or covalent? Polar? They say if the tear has a higher electronegativity, more emotion was put into the creation of the tear. Fluorine, eat your heart out.

To everyone I’ve had a depthful conversation with today – I love you.

“Just stand there, and stick your glove out in the air. I’ll take care of the rest.” – Benny, from the Sandlot