Zia Hassan

Birthday 2

+++ title = “03” date = 2002 +++

Today I woke up and just like in the past years, I completely forgot that it was my birthday. My sister woke me up with a loud happy birthday, and then my parents followed. But it wasn’t singing. Weird, they didn’t sing to me this year. I dunno why.

It’s freezing outside and also freezing inside my house. I’m sitting here listening to this record I bought by a band called South, and folks, they are incredible. I really think it’s the best album of the year (so far). It’s only March, but I mean I really don’t know what’s going to beat this. Last year my album of the year was Duncan Sheik’s Phantom Moon. Seriously phenomenal. But so far this year, South has really got me. Amazing production, and the band is really growing on me.

Today was a great birthday, despite the pain in my neck and arm. I think I slept on something wrong or something. And everytime I cough now, my chest burns. I think just need tommorow to chill at home and read huck finn, study, and other things. It’ll be a good day, I don’t even have rehersal tommorow. It’ll be fantastic. Ugh, I’m lookin forward to it already.

I don’t feel like writing much more, so I’m gonna take a shower and sleep. Gnight.

If you really wanna see me check the paper or the tv…