Zia Hassan

I Tried

I have tried to write an entry for the past few weeks or so and I just could never finish. It is always late nights like this where I say, I just can’t write an entry, I’m too tired. And ya know it shoudln’t matter if I don’t write an entry. After all, I’m out enjoying life instead of in my room at the computer writing entries that about 4 people are going to read. But no matter. I want this to be a journal that people will feel happy to read.

Today I went to the mall with nick, annie, fallon, and her brother robert. it was really fun and i dug it lots. Also, over spring break I recorded a new version of the song “I can’t Breathe” and it sounds pretty good. I’m sorta satisfied for once. ANd i’ve even given it a couple days to sink in… still sounding aight.

Well there are about a billion things going on in my life right now that are good.

#1! I passed my geometry exam, and in short that means a rise in my GPA. A whole lot. The future is looking bright mofo!
#2! It is fucking spring break, and so far it has been the best spring break of my life.
#3! I saw VaCo last night and I’m seeing DMB on the 4th. First dmb concert ever.
#4! I got to chill with blaemire for at least a little while, and that’s always fun.
#5! I am getting so much new music. New bands that everyone should check out : KINGS OF CONVENIENCE (these guys are acoustic BLISS), Actual Tigers (fun pop), Ryan Adams (his record GOLD… words cannot express), phantom planet (fun pop again).
#6! All of my friend’s girlfriends are occupied with beach activities or other things, so i get em all to myself. Not to be selfish or anything but my friends are the greatest.
#7! Spring weather brings better moods.
#8! Imagine putting together the excitement from #’s 1-7, wrapping them into a ball and spreading it out into a female companion.

Amazingly enough we haven’t had a single day off due to snow this year. Now it’s spring and it’s not going to snow… but for some reason, I don’t mind 🙂