Zia Hassan

How Much Do We See

When you’ve on Instagram or Facebook or some other service, it’s important to stop and ask occasionally how much of someone’s life you’re seeing.

When I see people they’ll often say, “well, looks like you’re doing great!”

I respond that I am, but I always wonder how they feel so confident .After all, I generally don’t post my fears and anxieties and insecurities to social media (I save that for this blog).

I only post the happy and useful things, the things that (mostly) make people smile. I run the thoughts and events of my life through a filter so that what comes out is sparkly and shiny on the other end. 

But I’m more complex than that. And so are you.

We can’t separate our life into negative and positive things that easily without the presentation opportunity that social media gives us. Because the experiencing of separating like this is a negative experience. Which means that when we cull the pieces of our lives and decide what to showcase, we’re actively having a negative experience.

I don’t advocate, however, being more open and honest about your insecurities on social media, unless you want to. I don’t think that helps either.

Maybe it’s about transcending the need to filter, leaving behind the desire to showcase, and instead pursuing real-life human connection.