Zia Hassan


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One of the most prominent features of a diet is restrictions. Some diets restrict calories, while other diets restrict certain macronutrients. But the more coherent doctors that I’ve heard speak indicate that macronutrients (protein, fat, and carbs) are actually all good. That it’s more about how our body processes certain types of foods, particularly processed food.

There’s a parallel when it comes to emotions. I grew up being told to stop being sensitive, to contain my sadness, my anger, and other so-called negative emotions.

Like the macronutrients, we might want to move toward a future where _all _emotions are good emotions, and we focus more on how our body (and mind) processes these emotions. The way I processed sadness, for a long time, was to throw a clock of anger over it, for instance. It wasn’t that sadness was bad; it was that I wasn’t aware of how my brain processed sadness. I wasn’t aware of the alternative ways of processing that therapy has now given me.