Zia Hassan

Thank You

I write this blog out of my own curiosity, out of a need to document ideas and thoughts. A need to hit publish and ship work every single day.

If you’ve read my writing, thanks for hearing me out. I hope I am able to connect with you on occasion, to hear your ideas and thoughts. I want to be influenced and helped by your ideas, in the same way that I hope my ideas are helpful and influential to you.

We live in such an amazing time. There are no gatekeepers that say we can’t be poets, writers, musicians, philosophers. We get to decide who we are, and what type of art speaks to us most. We get to put our work out for our audience and no one can deny us that right. It hasn’t always been that way, and so I am thankful to live in the world of today.

I wonder if people have always felt that way about the present. Grateful to live in it, instead of the past, which can only be visited in dreams anyway.