Zia Hassan

Life As A Movie

+++ title = “11” date = 2019 +++

I was obsessed with movies as a kid, but not really with the cinematics. I was obsessed with the editing. The cuts, the fades, the title credits.

So much so that I would sometimes escape by imagining my life as a movie that I was directing. Real life scenarios became scenes and I imagined how the cuts would look, and what music I would select to accompany these scenes.

Years later, I realize this was a bit of intuitive mindfulness training. To see life as an external narrative, as the viewer or director, means that we acknowledge our separation from the narrative.

It matters. Regardless of how much we get swept up in the romance of a story, regardless of the fact that we are the director and producer of our own story… we are, first and foremost, the audience.