Zia Hassan

One Way To Think Of Tarot

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It’s a bit like poetry.

In a poem, the words are laid out in front of us, and it’s up to us to give them meaning. Sure, the poet may have had their own intentions, but any artist worth their salt knows that their intention is basically a form of trivia and audience interpretation is everything.

And that’s the tarot too. It’s not the intention of some divine entity to tell us our future, or give us advice. We interpret how the cards fall and make up our own advice, or we have someone else, someone who’s good at feeling energy and interpreting it, do it for us.

In many ways, a good medium is just a good interpreter of symbols. It’s good storytelling, it’s reception in the same way we listen to a great record or drink a bottle of wine.

There’s nothing divine about it, which makes it entirely divine.