Zia Hassan

A Slow Fall

Occasionally, an item that was placed on a very high shelf falls without warning. Nothing seemed to cause the fall. There was no gnome hiding behind the object, no gust of wind, and no invisible hands.

This type of thing was once known as a poltergeist: an unexplained occurrence that people would attribute to a supernatural being or a ghost.

In reality, what happened was tiny little trembles in the earth that are undetectable to humans made the item on the shelf move forward, micrometers at a time, until it finally got pushed too far over the edge, and it fell. The whole process took months or even years.

Humans are like this too. We experience turbulence every single day that shift our us away from our spiritual centers. Let it happen too long and you too will fall off the shelf. I know because I’ve been there.

The point is not to avoid letting circumstances and experiences move us away from our center; it’s to always return to the center no matter how far we’ve strayed.