Zia Hassan

Schools Out

The last time I wrote here, I was in the middle of finals. Things have cleared up since then, and I’ve been sleeping a good 8-9 hours a night. It’s very refereshing. This entry will be a former draft combined with some new insight, so it may become confusing.

I remember going into my first scheduling meeting and feeling extremely out of place. I was worried about getting too many graveyard shifts being a newbie, and ended up voluntarily taking two 5:30 shifts during the week, and a 7:30. I thought I’d get an early start to my day. I was working in Letts, living in Leonard. Weird, because I am going to live in Letts and work in Leonard. And other Northside halls.

The end of the academic year is always strange. Especially being an RA, watching everyone leave. I took a 5am shift today, for old times sake. Surprisingly, whenever I wake up at 5am, I’m more awake than I am if I wake up at 11 or something. Also, there are less people to deal with. I remember during my Letts shifts, I used to watch a full movie in the two hours that I was on duty.

I took my Operations exam on Monday, and felt really smart. Turns out I’ve actually learned quite a bit from Dr. Selman. It’s one of those classes that I apply to everyday life all the time. Queueing theory and decision making, especially. After that, I turned in my e-commerce paper on Arrow Electronics, and my final. I felt fantastic, and began studying really hard for the Marketing exam which I did alright on. I think I managed to mess up the final essay question and probably some of the math questions. So I guess we’ll have to see how that one turns out.

Last week, I went to On the Border with Aimee, Ryan, and Josh (ryan’s roommate), and had the “Ultimate Fajita.” It became the ultimate vomit this morning before I had my shift. Then we went to a very empty room in Anderson, followed by McDonalds. The McDonalds probably wasn’t the greatest idea in the world.

I am supposed to make a proposal to the head of Housing and Dining programs in June at some point, which is exciting. So many ideas have been rattling around ever since I created that bi-weekly facilities app. I’ve started writing a document of security related desk/floor management procedures, as that’s Rick’s main concern right now. It should be, and I think that will probably be my hardest challenge. I’m thinking about some inernal systems, like a key check-out program. I found a neat little site called ZohoCreator, which lets you create web forms and insert the code snippet on any html, create users and specify their access levels, and best of all, it lets you export any data collected to an excel spreadsheet. I think, though, that I’d rather use MySQL. Even though I know very little about database management right now, I’d rather be accountable for things on my own server.

Yesterday, we ate dinner with Sarah’s family and her 3 adorable cousins who wanted to arm wrestle. I kept “letting them win.” Then Mike and I watched a rather disturbing video of an arm wrestling match in which the smaller guy’s arm snaps at the elbow. The reaction from the other guy in the room is “Call the police!”

Plans for today: Take down all the junk in my hallway. The butcher paper, the bulletin boards, the random stuff. Do a sweep of the entire building in the early evening. Plans for tommorow: wake up, say goodbye to the leonard staff, go to Weichert. Then the real summer beings.

Upcoming events: trip to London/Scotland on June 3rd, Toad the Wet Sprocket on June 2nd.