Zia Hassan


+++ title = “05” date = 2006 +++

It’s awfully weird being here without a broken arm/dysfunctional hand. Also, not having PJ or Chris here is uncomfortable – there is no one to eat lunch with, not to mention that I forgot the code to the lunchroom. Additionally, last year when I was bored, I just surfed the internet looking for information about radial nerve palsy.

What this means is that I’ll be able to write some updates everyday. It’s a good thing that I’m not on livejournal. It began to weird me out that everytime I felt like posting it would appear on a bunch of different friend pages.

Today at work: PJ called and impersonated a weichert exec, something he’s particularly good at. I got the day off Friday which means less money and more time for vacation.

Plans for tonight: Go to the library and get some more books with mass amounts of code in them so I can be really knowledgeable about SQL and programming databases. Maybe Andy will come over at some point. And maybe I will nap.

Plans for tommorow night: Jammin’ Java with Laura Marc to see Laura Veirs. I promised to buy her a drink – is this 21 thing getting old? No, I’m just getting old.

What happened to the joy of summer? So far, the transition has left me feeling a bit underwhelmed. I counted and I have exactly 9 weeks here. Divided in half, that’s 4.5, which means a nice end of summer paycheck. I wonder if AU will give me a paycheck for July.

I need to stop being bored and start being amazed.