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I’m in 1st period right now and Jon is making clicking noises. Let’s see how long he can make them before I hit him in the head with this keyboard. Tony is insulting my livejournalism… I called him a cock. He took it well, and then I took it back.

That made no sense. I feel fine about writing a livejournal in school! Seriously, fine. Dave’s doing it, Elyssa’s checking some. This is not an addiction. It’s just some fun stuff to do while we’re bored.

Apparently I have to get a sheet signed by all my teachers if I’m going to do a college visit. I don’t have to do this when I’m sick. Can’t I just go to the college visit and then send a note saying I was sick? Wouldn’t that just be easier?

The good news is that my pneumonia is gone. I’m coughing a little more now, but I’m not short of breath every 2 seconds. Turns out all I needed was some sleep and some tea. This feels really awkward, writing a journal entry in the library, with people walking by observing, with Jon Gerst sitting next to me writing a paper. Jon thinks that people who write in LiveJournals do it to spark contraversy. He didn’t mean it in a negative way though. I can’t say that I don’t agree sometimes, but then there are those of us who just need to write to balance out their head. Like me. I remember when I took creative writing, we had to keep a journal and I could never do it. My journal entries just blew, and the funny thing is it’s because I knew that Ms. Jones would be reading it. And now there are like a million people reading my journal, and it makes me write more well. More… better. Whatever.

I think if no one read this I’d still write as much. I used to think that LiveJournaling sucked since I coudln’t go into anything really personal. Then I realized I guess that isn’t the point of a live journal. The point is to communicate with a community I guess. That make sense? Communicate with a community?

I think I’m definetely growing into this thing though. I even created a friends list, and this whole posting in school thing? Yeah that’s definetely a factor in the LiveJournal addiction equation. I’m nervous right now that some teacher is gonna come up to me and point to the sign on this computer that says “FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY.”

Well the reason I’m out here in the library, by the way, is because there’s no announcements today. And of course, Jacobs isn’t here. Hell, I wouldn’t freaking come to school either if there was no reason to come that early.

Jon just brought up a good point. The stupid not-senior drama, will be over in about 1.5 months. Jon’s so excited he just made my palm red with his high five. Ooh, and the senior drama will be over. On to bigger and better drama. I hope the drama in college is actually worth participating it.

Tony is doing a worksheet on moles. It’s killing me even thinking about last year’s chem extravanganza. Ugh, the bell just rang. Gotta find Ms. Towers and get my college slip signed.