Zia Hassan

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If you lie in your bed, and keep really quiet, and your’e halfway between sleep and awake, and you listen really intently while being in this state, you can hear the circuitry hum through your wall.

Yeah I actually did that today. It was really cool. And I started getting nostalgic for some reason. Actually I have been getting nostalgic all day. Thinkin about Egypt and everything. Thinking about Egypt is like my comfort zone, cuz I’m always happy when I’m in that mindset. Makes all of the shit problems of today seem kind of insignificant for a while.

So I’m not a huge Tori Amos fan or anything, but I have tons of respect for an artist who can make a record of 18 full length songs, and have it get great reviews and such. So anyway, I picked up her new record from the library, where I get all the new pop records, and I have to say I’m very impressed. The single on the radio, when in context with the album, is such an amazing song. The album is sort of a concept album, about a chick who travels across the country, embarking on all sorts of adventures. I love it and totally recommend it.

Some guy from WJ made a post about how we shouldn’t judge their cast/drama club on a couple of idiots. I’m in agreement. We were prone to get caught up in our feelings of anger, but now it’s time to realize that there are people who are actually decent, who respect the work we’ve put in to the show. Even if that guy thinks our show blows… I still have mad respect for him for being mature… as we should’ve been in the first place before declaring war. I was definetely part of that anger though. Just the way I feel. Sarah and I are planning to discuss the matter of respect towards WJ tommorow at the meeting. I think the club is mature enough to understand.

My mom found a vial of cocaine in the backyard. Now she thinks I’m a coke addict. I’m so glad I’m leaving next year. Well sort of. My dad’s thinking of taking a business trip overseas, meaning that he’d only be at home 2 weeks for every month for an entire year. This means bad stuff for my mom… emotional strain and whatnot. I’m kinda lucky in a way, I don’t have to deal with it, since I’ll be at school anyway. Most parents would make their kids work off their school finances. Maybe it’s the culture, I don’t know, my parents are determined to have minimal debt when my sister and I graduate from college. I can’t be more thankful. I don’t think I show it enough. In fact I think I run against it. I think I prove to the more and more everday why they shouldn’t be helping me out with the money. I have a good life, I can’t forget that. Grant and I agreed – I must get straight A’s in college or I’m just fucking everybody that has helped me thus far over. In a more coherent sentence, to make use of the massive amounts of moola being spent on my education, I must get good grades. Good grades = scholarships. Scholarships = happy parents. Happy parents = proud parents. Proud parents = happy kid. See, A really does equal E.

I took a 3 hour nap today, and had the craziest ass dream ever. It was whacked out. A bunch of us were hanging out at my house. Sarah was trying to escape from a rabid lamb (don’t ask) and she shut the garage door on it’s head. Then, and then… oh god… we started dancing to The Jackson 5’s I Want You Back. Zach Goldbaum was the Michael Jackson. Why? Becuase there are no laws in dreams! Anything goes. And although I’m not a great romancer I know that you’re …. I’ll stop. Sarah thinks she killed the lamb, which represents Jesus. Sarah thinks she killed Jesus because she is Jewish. Could it be that my dreams have actual meaning? That represent something?

No Miracles tonight 🙁 Booo.

Online chatting today wasn’t very fun, you guys. Nobody was online. Everyone was offline or away. Booo. Oh and here’s another booo. Relland might be coming back tommorow. If he does that will ruin my entire life. Or… the next month and a half of school that I have left before I get the fuck out of Wootton. Don’t get me wrong, I love Wootton. But it’s really about time to get the fuck out. Anyway, having Ms. Ingram teach the class made me actually wanna stay in the class and learn. This one of things that parents say … that teachers are not responsible for the effort you pur forth in their class, and if you get a poor grade, it’s not the teacher. Well I’ve got news for you people that think that, IT IS the teacher. At least in high school anyway. I haven’t done a shred of work in Psych, and I got an A for 3rd quarter. Now Theory, that’s a whole different ballgame. I really haven’t done shit in that class. Good lord have I not done shit. Got a C somehow. Basically, I think he kinda looks through the grades and just kinda says “well this person is … um… alright B.” He knows I didn’t do shit. C was the lowest I could get. Well, I’m not freaking complaining.

Well, another negative point of my day. No new strongbad email. I look forward to these things every week and fucking the Brothers chap have left me the fuck down.

Whatever happened to getting Icy Cream on weekdays? We need to do that again, Jon. I wonder if sleeping for 3 hours has made me less tired now when it comes time to actually go to sleep.

Wow those two thoughts were not inter related at all! Wowwww. And I also have to say that Juno really sucks. The internet service. Yeah, the free one with the banner ads. It is fucked up, it installs spyware on your comp, so that right now millions of companies everywhere know what I’m typing in my livejournal. Not like it’s a very private matter anyway.

I feel like getting coffee tommorow but it’s too late to call Christine to alert her to be ready early. This is the problem with driving people to school, you can’t really decide to skip or get sick at the last minute because you have a responsibility. The up side is you get to see a pretty face in the rear view everyday :-).

And since it’s almost midnight I’m gonna turn in. Turn into what you ask? A werewolf? Count Dracula?

Life’s good, I’m enjoying it. PJ described this last semester as sort of being a ghost. Floating around the school randomly and not really putting forth effort into anything really. I’m down with relaxation. Today has been most eventful. Good lord. I need to go to bed.

I enjoy 6th period lunch. I look forward to it everyday. Funny people, good times. Andy was on drugs today, that was funny. And we talked about those random kids always rapping in the halls and how Chris aspires to be one. We talked a little about college too. Billy’s undecided between Indiana and Cincy, but he’ll probably go to Cincy in my opinion. Chris will probably go to Indiana… and now that I think about it, that might influence Billy. But who knows… I kinda wish I could could go to college with these guys. But what can ya do. Indiana’s recording program only takes 5 people per year. Who’s to say I’d be one of those 5?

OK, now I really need to go to sleep. It’s so late! Did I leave anything out about my day? I don’t think so. American University overnight in 2 days. Looking forward to sleeping in that day. Thing starts at 1, no way in hell am I going to school. And then, SPRING BREAK!

As my dad used to say, it’s beddy bye time.