Zia Hassan

So Late

+++ title = “03” date = 2003 +++

It is so late. And I’m still awake writing in my live journal. Why? I just finished my freakin’ essay for English but it’s not even good or complete. I’m planning to finish it tommorow morning or maybe even at school in Ms. Ingram’s room. I wish teachers freakin’ understood the kinda shit we have to go through in this damn show process. I’m also just lazy… but blaming it on the show is the easiest and most valid thing I can think of.

 I have a slight runny nose. I’m hoping it doesn’t develop into anything more than just a slight runny nose. Runny noses are probably better than scrambled noses, and scrambled noses are better than fried ones. Man, I forget who it was that said that the Foo Fighters first record was all Dave Grohl. Uh uh. Just got it from the library today and it’s definetely an actual band and not just Grohl. People and their stupid assumptions. ASSumptions. Haha…

I’m drinking Ice Tea – Lemonade. Possibly the best invention ever. Besides scrambled noses. Yo quiero la musica… Ah good ol Oasis. Dya know what you mean? Fuckin great records these guys made. I need Heathen Chemistry.

Went to the library today to get new CDs… and this guy at the checkout line (librarian) asked me where I was from and if I was muslim. I said yeah, and he asked if I practiced Islam and I told him not really. He acted like a real jackass about it. “I do think it’s one of the most beautiful religions though.” “Think? Man, you got to be about it!”

Fuck that.

I’m not against any sorta religion. I’m not against God. Hell, if I had to pick some sort of religion to follow it would probably be Islam. The thing is though that I’m open to so many different ideas. I absolutely love Buddhism, I think it’s gorgeous. The thing that Buddhism has that Islam doesn’t it is a physical element. Almost a psychological feel, and I really like that it isn’t about the sky falling and creating the earth… it’s about the deep inner core of emotion, and what creates fear and anxiety and how we can battle it. But maybe that’s more Zen than it is Buddhism… although Zen stems from Buddhism. People like that, I feel sorry for. Believe what you want to believe in but don’t come and try to push it on me, because chances are I’m following my own path and I’m not interested in yours. Yet another principle of Zen.

Then at night I went to McDonalds with PJ and Jon. Being a senior is so awesome. And PJ created a quiz to find out which Senor you are. I got myself but that’s because I answered all the questions honestly. They were pretty in tune to me.

Went for a walk around the stone bridge lake with Christine. Relaxing and great for a gorgeous day like today. It’s so much fun spending time with her, and I never want it to run out.

I suppose all time’s eventually gonna run out, but apparently a moment is only as long as you hold it… so I just gotta work on holding in these moments longer I guess.

Well, we perform for the middle schoolers tommorow. That’s gonna be a tonna fun. I’m kinda getting sick of the show now, and I just want it to be over so I can get back to normal life and actually doing (half ass) work instead of no work at all.

Holy shit. 11:33. I gotta go to sleep or I’m never gonna be able to handle tommorow. Quick did I leave anything out about my day today? Nope… I think I’m good. Sleeping time now.