Zia Hassan

First Weekend Of Shows Over

I am the biggest chewing gum addict ever. I’m eating eclipse gum and listening to the sound of the washing machine bang against my wall. It’s annoying as hell and I’m about to ready to pop in a really loud cd with the subwoofer on. Here we go. Let’s see… how bout some… Sigur Ros! Yeah… good choice if I do say so myself. Now this is relaxing. Wowwwwww… I can’t even type, I need to lie down or some shit.

First weekend of shows and I’m really happy. I was reading my book on Zen the other day and it said that you’re supposed to live every moment fully, and let everything just go. It sounds really easy, but it’s the hardest thing in the world to do. Letting go of fears is so hard and aggrivating sometimes, and I alwyas think that I’m working hard on it… when I really am just taking it easy and letting my fears eat me. I hate it.

Depressed, a little. At least Les Mis is going well.