Zia Hassan

I've always done it that way

How many daily tasks do you perform without thinking because they have always been done that way?

If you work a job that you hate, what steps are you taking to change your daily habits so that you can become a new person, the type of person who has a fulfilling and joyful career?

Most people spend time scrolling the web, looking for leads on some job where they meet 100% of the requirements.

Newsflash: if you are looking for a job you are 100% qualified for, your move is lateral rather than upward.

Here are some ways to break your patterns:

  1. Spend a day noticing what draws your attention. Are you walking on the street, noticing different billboards? What is it about these billboards that are drawing you in?
  2. What books are you reading right now? Are they shifting your thinking, or are they for comfort? There is nothing wrong with comfort reading. But consider adding some material that will stretch your mind. What have you always wanted to learn? There are likely thousands of books, YouTube channels, or podcasts on the topic.
  3. Take action. Make that meeting. Call that contact. Message that person on LinkedIn. The worst that happens is nothing. The best that happens? I don’t know; it’s variable. But aren’t you curious to find out?

Take these thoughts into your weekend and the following week.

Let me know how it goes.