Zia Hassan

Morning Pages

If you’ve ever been a writer, or pretended to be a writer, then you might know about Julia Cameron’s book, The Artist’s Way. And if you know that book, then you know the most important part is called Morning Pages, where Cameron teaches how to write, continuously, for 3 pages longhand. No attention paid to the quality of the writing (it’s usually total shit), and no stopping until 3 pages are filled.

The idea is that your mind will pour out onto the page, and now you’ll be deeper into both a flow state and a content fountain by the time you actually sit down to write whatever it is you were planning on writing. Many times, the Morning Pages are disposed of after they are created.

This is a form of mind training; once you do Morning Pages for a few days in a row, you start to realize that your mind is constantly writing a nonsense story as well. You can toss it or keep it.