Zia Hassan

Cozy Ambience My New Favorite Youtube Channel Genre

I’m watching a video right now called Christmas From Another Room, which is not really even much of a video as it is a window into a beautiful calming scene.

In the video, you end up watching (?) 10 hours of snow falling outside of a very festive looking house. A very muted, almost distant soundtrack of beautiful Christmas music plays. It’s the type of feeling you might get in a shopping mall, or in the lobby of a corporate office building.

The channel is called Cozy Ambience, but it’s a whole genre.There are other ‘”cozy ambience” videos from different YouTube accounts. Videos like:

Rainy Night Coffee Shop Ambience

Cozy Cabin Ambience

Ancient Library Room

10 hours of Creepy Halloween Night Walk

I love these little video painting aural experiences (or whatever you call them). When I work, I tend to avoid listening to music because it’s too distracting. Even ambient music can sometimes distract me. It’s why I mostly listen to recorded natural sounds, like rivers, birds, ocean waves, etc.

But add in the muted, far away music and this is my new go-to work/study atmosphere. On noise cancelling headphones of course.