Zia Hassan

Am I The Asshole

A popular subreddit is r/amitheasshole. In this forum, people encounter daily experiences where they feel that they’ve been wronged or disrespected interpersonally. They ask the forum if they are, in fact, the asshole, and not the other person. 

I love this tradition. We have this tendency to believe that we’re right, no matter what. There are interpersonal situations where I’ve felt sure that I was in the right, only to hear the other person talk about me like I was crazy, and they were sure that they were in the right.

With this subreddit, whenever people get mad or upset about an interpersonal situation, they develop the habit of stopping and considering how much of the situation was their fault.

And it’s the social feedback that makes this most effective. I don’t think this sort of thing would’ve been possible before the internet.