Zia Hassan

Falling Apart

+++ title = “12” date = 2019 +++

The towel hanger on the back of the bathroom door fell off this morning. 

It’s the third piece of the bathroom to break in the last week or so. First the knob on the shower handle, then then stopper lever on the faucet, and now this.

This house is falling apart, I thought to myself.

And then, another thought: This house is always falling apart. And it’s always being repaired. And through it all, it stays calm… so why can’t I?

Perhaps a house is like a mountain. Constantly in flux, but present throughout. It’s nature that changes a mountain, the siding on the house… but it’s humans who break and repair the inside of the house. 

But then the voice reminds me that humans are part of nature too

And I feel infinitely better about the towel hanger all of a sudden.