Zia Hassan

I Didnt Tweet My Bento

+++ title = “12” date = 2019 +++

A few weeks ago, I got myself a cute bento box and started making cute lunches to put inside of it. The first time I made a salad in this thing with red cabbage, greens, and berries, I was stunned at how beautiful the whole thing looked. 

“I hope you’re posting these,” my wife told me. 

And truth be told, that was my first notion as well. I like to take pictures of things that are pretty or fascinating, and I like to post these things online. But lately I’ve been thinking about how I can cut down on social media use, and my new criteria is that I will only post things of value.

Value is of course determined by the reader, but if I feel like I’m posting something that provides no value to anyone, I’ll refrain. If I’d posted my bento recipe, or perhaps my thoughts on nutrition, or perhaps my daily habits… those things might help someone. 

But a pic of my lunch on its own? It only helps me convey to people how healthy I think I am (and perhaps remind some of them of how healthy they are not).It’s not useful for anyone but me, in other words.

And so the pics of my lunch will stay on my phone until they might provide value.