Zia Hassan

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I went to a lecture yesterday on what it means to be to your true authentic self. It was interesting, but nothing said taught me more than what my son teaches me when I spend time with him.

If you’ve ever hear the phrase “feel like a child again!” It’s usually supposed to mean to feel careless, free, and exploratory.

But what Dezi teaches me is that being a child means to be the truest version of yourself. My child is direct, states his needs, knows when he’s done eating or sleeping, and is entranced by almost anything (especially nature). We were all like this once. Then we started to follow rules, become complacent, and adhere to the status quo. Not all of us, and not in every way, but it happened.

So to be a kid again is not just acting in an immature way, or even in a playful way. It is returning to the very nature of who you are and what it means to live.