Zia Hassan

3 Of My Favorite Sounds From Movies

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  1. The sound of the radio signal in Contact. You know, the signal that Jodie Foster and her team receive that leads them to uncover the plans to build that machine that sends her off into space to meet her dead father? The steady crunch crunch sound it made, like a gigantic robot in the distance crushing trees to get to your house. And then there’s a moment in the film where the noise just stops and there’s an incredible silence that hangs over the team. Then… crunch, crunch. It’s beautiful.
  2. The sound of the phone booth in Bill and Ted’s excellent adventure as it’s getting ready to disappear into the ground and fly through time. There’s something magical about the fake electrical noises that the little antenna made at the top of the booth. Combined with the music from the movie, it created a beautiful moment of waiting right before the phone booth gets sucked into the ground and through the time tunnel.
  3. The sound of spells being cast in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. As Nerdwriter on YouTube has pointed out, the magic sounds in the third movie (directed by Alfonso Cuaron) weren’t cartoonish or realistic. They were quiet and pulsing, which is a sound quality rarely used in mainstream hero movies.