Zia Hassan

How Are You

One of the most simple questions remains of the most profound mysteries in life.

How are you? I’m fine.

But if you’re really thinking about it, really taking every little comment literally, you might get swept up in your own thoughts.

You could, when someone asks, take mental stock of your mood, your tense body parts, your clenched fists.

You could, when someone asks, tell them that that you’re somewhere in between hope and fear, that the question is somewhat irrelevant since that’s where all of us are.

Or, you could say nothing at all. And in the silence, you could just continue to ask yourself mentally… how am I?

How am I, indeed? How did I come to be? How did this mysterious universe do all of it’s behind-the-scenes magic and here I am, eating Doritos and metacognitively analyzing the whole thing?

Take a minute the next someone asks how you are and think about how truly amazing and wondrous that question really is.