Zia Hassan

Another Bubble

I told a friend of mine that I was visiting a place called Pokomoke City for work. He looked it up on his phone.

“Wow, that’s way out there,” he said. “But I always think it’s good to visit another place that’s far away. You know, to talk to the people there, so you don’t get too wrapped up in your own bubble.”

And it’s true that the people that live in my hometown of DC are living in a bubble. It feels like everyone is liberal, everyone hates Trump… because most people here are and do. But this bubble is also self conscious. We will be the first to point out that not everyone in the country thinks like we do.

The trick is that everyone lives in a bubble. Scientists can predict someone’s beliefs based on where they live. Our environment becomes the air that we breathe, air that becomes part of us, hanging out in between our molecules.

Not everyone thinks like me, but everyone lives in a bubble, like me.

We have that in common, at least.