Zia Hassan

What I Learned From Staycation

If you’re unaware, a staycation is a vacation where you don’t vacate – you stay at home and either enjoy low key activities or explore the city in which you live.

My wife and I decided to do one recently. During that time we went kayaking, bought a new car, saw a movie in theaters, planned for our son’s birthday party and much more. The extra time to reflect was beneficial and taught me a lot of lessons.

The biggest lesson I got from staycation is that staycation is always available. After all, there wasn’t anything special happening during the week we took off. At any time in the work week, we can take a moment to break a pattern, to connect with something calming and peaceful, or to just sit and be.

The same things applies to the present moment which is something that I’ve learned through meditation. It’s always available if you ever need it. And really, what more could you need?