Zia Hassan

Least Favorite Part Of A Cold

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There are many phases to a cold. For example:

  • the raw and sore throat that makes you want to turn off swallowing for a while
  • the faint cough that precedes the onslaught
  • the drippy nose faucet that turns on and off
  • the blockage that seems to only occur in one nostril, that can be controlled with gravity or turning your head to the side in bed
  • the aches and the pains
  • the way it starts hurting to blow your nose because of how raw the skin inside is
  • the endless coughing fits that persist weeks after the actual virus goes away

Which is my least favorite? It’s hard to pick. But if I had to pick, it’d be the feeling that is inherent to the entire process, the feeling that this will never go away, that I’m destined to live with this cold for the rest of my life. It’s the feeling of regret, of looking back to when I was healthy just a few days ago, with a feeling of longing.

The best part of course is returning to normal. But that’s obvious.