Zia Hassan

How Do You Take Your Water

Do you take it plain, no ice, in a tall glass? Or in a metal water bottle? Glass? BPA-free plastic?

If there’s ice, do you take it crushed or cubed? Is there any fruit infused? Do you like carbonation in your water?

Do you drink it alone, or with your meal? My grandmother used to claim that drinking water while eating softens the food and makes it hard to digest. I haven’t verified this.

Or perhaps you like it from a fountain. Or through an IV. With a straw (metal, paper, or plastic?) or from the lip of a glass.

Is it tap, distilled, mineral infused, electrolyte-enhanced? Did it come from a stream or from a cloud?

What story is the bottle telling you? Is there a wide mouth or a narrow mouth? Does it cap? Is it portable? Does it make a statement?

Is your water warm, boiling hot, or salty? Is it infused with cacao beans, or plant leaves and stems?

How many ways are there to take something as simple as water and turn it into an experience?

Is this not the best example of what it means to participate in culture?