Zia Hassan

Bite Sized Pieces Of Life

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How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.

How do you turn an elephant into bite sized pieces? Cut it up.

How do you cut it up? Use a tool. A pair of scissors.

It’s natural. We do it with our teeth when we eat because even bite-sized food still requires multiple bites, incisions, and chews.

It’s how we cook, cutting the food up to more efficiently brown the vegetables. Increasing the surface area.

And we do it with information too. Bulleted lists, Twitter threads, paragraphs, Instagram stories. Bite sized information.

And with our relationships. We take it moment by moment. We say it’s going to be okay because this sadness is just one bite, and we just sat down at the dinner table.

An elephant is easier to eat when it’s one bite at a time, but a bite of tusk differs from a bite of cheek.