Zia Hassan


+++ title = “01” date = 2019 +++

The rain in Orlando is ripping through the palm trees, like footage from a hurricane on TV.

Only it’s just a normal storm. It’s over in an hour. I watch it end from the window of my hotel.

Palm trees are more dramatic than even the ocean or the clouds. And whether it’s MTV or Netflix or the 9 o’clock news, TV is merely a window for drama.

Like the wind beneath this plane right now. Drama, at least on the receiving end. Natural otherwise.

I hate drama. But that is dramatic. And to be honest, I love drama.

Nothing lasts forever is drama. Things that are the way you don’t want them to be is drama. The way I react so viscerally to just the very idea that my expectations did not meet reality, that’s drama.

I love all of it, and I loathe all of it too.