Zia Hassan

Esca Lefters And Other Minor Inconveniences

Escalators: stand to the right, walk to the left.

Until someone forgets this unspoken and unposted rule, and stands jutting out a little bit into the left side of the moving stairs.

It’s impolite, it breaks the norm… but then, the escalator is short, and the ride is only a few more seconds. Saying something to the esca-lefter would be assertive, but would save me about two extra seconds, at this point.

And so by the time I work up the nerve to even confront the esca-lefter, we are up the escalator, and all of my frustrations are no longer relevant.

I forget about the whole thing. This happens multiple times a day in different situations, each with their own minor inconveniences.

This is what they mean when they say not to sweat the small stuff.