Zia Hassan

Giving In Vs Giving Out Vs Giving Up

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Giving in is to succumb to internal desire or fear. You might give in to your kid’s demands for waffles for dinner because you’re fearful that he might have a tantrum. Or you might give in to the desire to eat an entire chocolate cake at 2am on a Tuesday. Giving in means you’ve surrendered to your reptilian brain in some way. It’s hard to control giving in.

Giving out is to succumb to external forces. Your arms can give out when you can no longer carry a heavy object. A house’s roof can give out in an intense storm. It’s hard to control giving out.

Giving up is to succumb to the internal voice in your head, the one telling you that you’re unworthy or less powerful than you are. Giving up requires a chain of thought. It is a choice.

Giving up is what happens when giving in causes giving out. Giving up is the final step in the process of devaluing yourself.

Stand strong.