Zia Hassan

We Must Think Of The World As A Please That Can Heal

Seth Godin writes about the difference between doom and gloom.

I think this is the start, but not the end, of the way forward. Experiencing sadness, anger, and fear are normal and should be experienced in a balanced life.

The low hum of general cynicism, however, can be permanently deafening. Like a pit that becomes harder and harder to crawl out of, the deeper we go.

I’ve heard before that the world will eventually heal; once humans have gone extinct, the planet will heal herself and repair all of the ways in which we have damaged her.

But that assumes that we, humans, aren’t part of nature. We say man-made like men weren’t nature-made.

Barack Obama said that we are the change we’ve been waiting for. Remember that?

We must view the world as a place that can heal.

In fact, we must settle for nothing less.