Zia Hassan

Lessons From Andy Jim

I recently watched this documentary called Andy & Jim about how Jim Carey basically assumed, full-time, the spirit/zeitgeist of Andy Kaufman/Bob Clifton in the outstanding movie Man on the Moon.

But doing so required that I first re-watch Man on the Moon, which I hadn’t seen since it came out in 18 years ago.

Both movies, interestingly, are centered around creative struggle, expression, innovation, and the undeniable connection between sadness and humor.

5 thoughts from the movie:

  1. Truly innovative art spurs haters.
  2. Truly innovative art touches souls.
  3. Reggie Watt’s Twitter bio, for the longest time, has said “In the absence of truth there is confusion; the essence of truth.” The essence of something is more magical, more spiritual, than a direct connection to that something.
  4. Being firm in your convictions means a lot of people will misunderstand.
  5. Psychological Halloweenism (assuming someone else’s persona) can be addictive.