Zia Hassan

On Time

The weather is dependable.  I’m always amazed by the punctuality of the seasons.  I haven’t been able to devote my attention to one solid thing for the past few months, and I’m learning to appreciate it.  This may be the last time my life can be divided into 4 easy and distinct elements.

Dinner tonight: sushi.  Aleena’s recommendation.  Kentlands has these interesting restaurants popping up – a crepe place, of all things.  I had the spider sushi, which sounds like it would be painful.  It’s just crabmeat.

Surprised mom by asking her if I could rake the leaves.  It’s not like mowing – there’s the same amount of noise, but less of it is machine-made.  It became clear to me today that I’m very suburban oriented.  I get restless if I don’t drive a car for a few weeks.  Mindless errands: Target has everything.  I ended up buying a blue/green light bulb for my bathroom at school.  I’ll probably get tired of it after a while, but it will be interesting in the morning when I wake up with 15 minutes to get to work, dash into the bathroom to take a shower, and have a wave of aqua colored light wash over me.

I’ve linked my blog to my facebook notes.  It’s no big deal, really.  Writing, regardless of the content, is always a nice way for me to sort things out.  Sitting around and strumming the guitar has never done it for me, other than get some tension worked out of the hands (and face).  Speaking of which, I’ve got a new recording in the works.  Zach and I sat down and worked out a bold arrangement of a song that I wrote.  In 60 tracks or so, we had something workable.  I’m still playing around with the mix (huge and hairy).

Fall break: just cold enough, Starbucks, Chipotle.  I’ve generally spent most of my fall breaks alone, especially with Aleena at school now.  This time, lots of people are home, including Aleena.  Midterm Monday, and it’s looking like a hard one.  Means that fall break isn’t really a break, but a change of environment, at least for a few days.  Maybe that’s all I need.