Zia Hassan

A Steady Flow Of Thought

Idea: Keep another journal handy at all times, with a super strong pen. Use this to document everything. Take notes on human life, certain light beams, sounds you hear. Use it for exercises like writing five words down. Systematic poetry, non-systematic. Books you’d like to buy, places you’d like to travel. This is different from a blog – you collect thoughts, rather than compose them.

Andy’s new deck is nice. Before that, went to Potbelly with Billy and Alex, and after that to Barnes and Noble. I bought Six Thinking Hats by Edward De Bono, which I’ve been wanting to read for a while. It’s the idea of having a team that, instead of having a bunch of different perspectives talking at each other all at once, separating the discussion into sections where different persepectives are evaluated at the same time. Everybody can be on the same page, so on and so forth. Useful for next year, I’d imagine.

DC last night with Aimee and Scott to see a sneak preview of You, Me, and Dupree. I like Owen Wilson’s character in this movie, but beyond that, I can safely say that I’m glad not to have paid money for this one. Georgetown Cafe after. Aimee got the burger, Scott the Steak and Cheese, and I got the Gyro Platter. Home after where I spoke to Liza on the phone and watched Alias. Somehow, I can never get into bed before 2 these days, but I’m getting used to it.

I lost the auction for the Eno boxed set. It got pushed up to $103, so I gave in. Instead, I bought some LPs separately: Before and After Science, Here Come the Warm Jets, Music for Airports, Music for Films, and Music For Films III (a bunch of artists contributing including Harold Budd), and Another Green World. I think these are all the Eno albums I’d ever need or want on Vinyl. Maybe Taking Tiger Mountain, at some point.

I think half of the reason I buy these things is for the enlarged cover art. I wish there was a way to display albums on my wall in my apartment next year. Maybe there is, and no one has thought of it yet. Work today was fast: I didn’t have a lot of work, but there were more people online than usual, and much more to think about. Great conversation last night before I fell asleep about happiness. Scott said in the car that loneliness should be eliminated from the human repertoire. It’s manufactured, I think he’s on to something.

Plans for tonight: buy a small notebook, a nice pen. Possibly guitar center with Andy to get a cable. Write music. Itching to do that. I got the mix back from my session with the cousins, which is now being referred to as The Family Radio Project. The reverb Sameer bhai put on my vocals is something I’ve been trying to do for a while, and he says that he used a default setting. We stumble upon things easily after we finish chasing them, I guess.