Zia Hassan

Create A Museum

Idea: collect artifacts from your lifetime and make a museum. You can make your life an exhibit, and the rest of your family can do the same, creating a museum of family culture. A living, breathing, interactive space for people to learn about your history.

Mine would have: strollers, shoes, my fisher-price phonograph, my trampoline, my bunk bed, the radial nerve splint, some clothes that were staples, Mr. Peanut, blue bear, that Orbitz drink, my old boombox. Each would have a tag describing what nook that particular item fit into, why it was important.

This weekend was long and nice. Caleb was in town, and we tried to go mini golfing, but it was closed. Some policy of closing the gates an hour before the actual closing time. We played party games on both nights, which was exciting.

Scott, Mike, and I finally rehearsed which was a lot of fun. Moonlight sounds like new guitar parts, and Two Birds sounds like tight three part harmony. It’s fun watching them work. My mind works differently I guess – I can’t put together harmonies as easily and methodically as they can.

The fourth of July was 20 mins driving a few miles away from my house, a half an hour of waiting for the fireworks, ten minutes of actual fireworks, and 45 mins of trying to exit the parking lot. Then Hard Times where we met Billy and Alex for drinks, and saw a few wootton Alum there. Mike, of all people. I got his cell number and we had a brief conversation.

Smoked hookah with Bill, Alex, and Andy. Andy was getting annoyed with some of the random comments Billy made, and I was reminded of a lot of Zen theory. Something out of nothing will always return to nothing – a harmless joke or completely irrelevant comment will douse the flame. I had forgotten about that. When I talk with Andy, we try very hard to rationalize everything, and that isn’t the way I normally operate. Trying something new for once, but I think that if my mind was occupied with other thoughts, I wouldn’t be able to handle it. Almost as if I have a capacity for too much analysis. Reminds of Jig-saw: you already know what the picture will look like because you can see it on the cover, but you feel some sense of accomplishment for figuring out where the pieces go.

I’ve been drinking tea at work. There’s a different flavor for every day that I have left at the office. Speaking of which, Rosie called yesterday to tell me that I may be able to come back a week early. It doesn’t mean summer has been cut even shorter. Summer won’t actually be over for me until Welcome Week, mentally. Either way, it’ll feel good to be walking around during the day instead of wasting my brain away at this chair.

Andy and I watched Matchpoint last night and a little bit of Entourage, which reminds me of Swingers. That whole voyeuristic male bonding thing. It was alright, and I think if it doesn’t really entertain me within the next few episodes, I will probably stop watching. Matchpoint blew me away once again. This morning, listened to one of Ryan’s records. His songs are almost like collections of subsongs. It’s enthusiastic and full of enegy, like Ryan is.

I’d like to play golf some time. I don’t know why.

Plans for tonight: play around with Rewiring Garageband to Reason some more. Watch Wedding Crashers, maybe. And if it’s a nice evening, I think I’ll sit on the deck and drink some nice cider.

Experiment: Sonic Meditation.  Take a walk by yourself, preferably somewhere with minimal noise.  Picture an aural spectrum around you, colored.  Listen to every pin drop and place it instantaneously in the sonic halo you’ve created for yourself.  I didn’t realize how alive I was until I tried this.